Environmental Policy

At CompuGift we take environmental issue very seriously. It is our aim to ensure that as far as reasonably practicable our operations and those of our suppliers are managed in a way that is committed to not only protecting but also enhancing the environment.

We know and understand that our actions can have an impact on the environment and therefore strive to manage environmental issues properly while continuously thinking of ways we can improve.

Our environmental policy is backed by all the directors and staff at CompuGift.

We will…

Comply with all environmental regulations and strive to do more than is expected within these regulations.

Attempt to spread our knowledge about these important issues ensuring that our suppliers and staff know the high standards that we expect of them.

Pursue ways of minimizing our stamp on the environment by looking for ways to reduce energy consumption, waste disposal and water consumption.

Review our policy regularly to ensure that it is understood and to discuss ways we may improve. Every employee will sign the latest version of our environmental policy signifying their understanding our commitment to making the world a better and more eco friendly place to live.

We would of course love to hear from any of our customers and/or suppliers with ideas and hope we can all work together preserve this world we all share.

Dan Toombs

Managing Director